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  • Chapel services on each Wednesday are very important to the students and staff of Gorman Christian Academy. Chapel for Kindergarten through fourth grade meets in the Sanctuary of Gorman Baptist Church at 9:15-10:00 and the fifth grade through 8th grades meet at 2:15-3:00 on Wednesday. Each service time is started with prayer and the pledges to the American flag, the Christian flag, and the Holy Bible. Following this is a time of praise and worship through song and opportunities for students to lead in songs and perform the motions. 

    The elementary chapel time is mostly adult led however the fourth graders often times get a chance to lead in the praise and worship and all students assist with pledges. The middle school chapel is entirely student led by our eighth graders. They select and lead during praise and worship, they run the sound board and video computer, and they lead in prayer. Both chapels have a guest speaker each Wednesday and the students are excited each week to listen and learn from someone who shares and teaches them from God's word.

    Gorman Christian Academy knows that it is important for their students to go into a sanctuary each week and to be a part of a worship service. Some of our students do not go to church on a regular basis and we feel it is our responsibility to give them that experience and draw them closer to the Lord. All students bring their Bibles to chapel each week and study from them during the chapel time. We pray that students who become saved throughout the year will want to find a church home and encouage their parents to take them to a Bible believing church. They are encouraged to come to Gorman Baptist Church if they do not have a home church. Chapel time is a sweet experience as we all grow in our faith and draw closer to our Lord and Savior.