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January Character Awards

“Bee Kind” Awards

Providing honorable things, not only in the sight of the Lord, but also in the sight of men. 
II Corinthians 8:21


Kindergarten: Alyssa Hunter
Alyssa is always true to who she is.  She is loyal to her friends and those she cares about.  She always tells the truth even if it may get her in trouble.


First Grade: Sylvia Hernandez
Sylvia always strives to follow expectations and make good choices.  She is responsible and dependable and treats everyone fairly.


Second Grade: Aaron Stiles
Aaron is helpful and tries hard to make good choices.  He is trustworthy and can always be put in charge of tasks.

Third Grade: Gary Kapral
Gary always tries to do the right things in school.  He is honest and trustworthy with any task he is given.  He is responsible and shows respect to his teachers and classmates.

Fourth Grade: Camryn Alston, Jewel Cox, Alexis Eubanks, Peyton Moles and Joshua Murphy
The fourth grade class show cases Integrity.  They demonstrate doing the right things for the right reasons without being asked to.  They come to school each day ready to work diligently and are able to start on morning seatwork assignments quietly and independently.  They display being cheerful, loving and kind.  They are respectful to each other and their friends and teachers.

Fifth Grade: Kennedy Robinson
Kennedy has a very sweet spirit.  She is very compassionate about other people’s feelings.  She always tries to be fair and honest.  She is very sincere when she tries to make things right if she hurts someone’s feelings.

Sixth Grade: Savannah Rowland
Savannah does what is right when no one is looking.  She stays on task and she gets her work done.  She listens and is eager to learn.  God sees all and knows all and will reward her integrity in the classroom.

Seventh Grade: Caleb Hawkins and Destiny Webster
Caleb and Destiny always work hard to complete assignments on time and correcting work to improve grades.  They seem to want to please themselves, their peers, parents and God.

Eighth Grade: Jenelle Mason
Jenelle has integrity because she is truthful and always maintains good character.  Jenelle has grown as a person and owns her own mistakes and encourages others.