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Math Olympians

April Math Olympians

 Kindergarten: Jessie Reynolds
Jessie has come a long way this year with her math skills. She loves to solve problems, but isn’t afraid to ask for help when she needs it. She is also willing to help her classmates whenever they need help!

First Grade: Caroline Glenn
Caroline works hard on all math assignments. When she doesn’t understand she always asks questions. She works well with her shoulder buddy working collaboratively to solve math problems. Caroline maintains a high grade in math.

Second Grade: Kaliah Henry
Kaliah works through all math problems with patience and focus. She asks questions, listens attentively to math lessons, and corrects her math work. She also does extra practice at home. She shows her work and grasps math concepts easily. Her high tests and quiz grades reflect her hard work!

Third Grade: Carlee Rimmer and Skyler Pelletier
Carlee has become more confident in her math work. Her hard work and determination is shown in her math grades.

Skyler catches on very quickly to new math concepts. She is able to do much of her work mentally and excels in all her work.

Fourth Grade: Peyton Moles
Peyton is our Math Olympian of the month. She is improving each day in math. She is double checking her work, asking questions, checking problems and working diligently. Peyton’s hard work is paying off and she is enjoying math more and more. Way to Go, Peyton!

Fifth Grade: Kennedy Robinson
Kennedy works very hard in math. She takes her time and always shows her work. She will ask questions when she doesn’t understand. She always makes corrections because she wants 100’s. She represented us in the Math Olympics and she did very well coming in 5th place in computation. Great job Kennedy!

Sixth Grade: Savannah Rowland and Maycee Thompson
Savannah is always on top of her assignments, getting them completed on time. She is a great helper to others in class when they are struggling.

Maycee is always ready to solve problems in class and give help to others when needed. She is very competent when it comes to turning in her work on time and complete.

Seventh Grade: Jay Cox, Caleb Hawkins  and Justin Moore
Jay has been working extra hard in learning how to solve equations in pre-algebra. He asks questions when he doesn’t understand the material, in order to learn from his errors on his work.

Caleb is a hard worker. He works hard to have top grades in pre-algebra.

Justin works extremely hard in pre-algebra. He is a great helper to others in his class during math.

Eighth Grade: Gavin Stewart and Henry Ung
Gavin works extra hard to understand concepts in pre-algebra. He corrects papers in math to improve his grades.

Henry has improved greatly in pre-algebra this year. He strives to improve his grade daily.