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August/September Character Awards

“Heart and Home” Awards
Be Kind Hearted

And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.
Ephesians 4:32

Kindergarten: Braelyn Walker
Braelyn has a sweet personality and is always a friend to everyone. She helps others in class with writing and has a positive attitude.

First Grade: Levi Robinson
He is always paying attention to others needs and emotions. If he can help someone by carrying something or explaining an assignment, he will go out if his way to do it. If he can cheer someone up with a smile, hug or pat on the back he will offer that sweetness that we need. He will even explain that he’s doing something because he wants to put others first. His actions are guided by compassion.

Second Grade: Justin Alston
Justin loves to cheer for his classmates when they are doing well. He has a positive attitude and I’m honored to be his teacher!

Third Grade: Ceciliah Evans
Ceciliah is always helping her classmates whenever there is a need. She’s a great encourager as well. I’m honored to be her teacher.

Fourth Grade: Lucas Driggers
Lucas is kind, gentle, and loving. He shows great respect and appreciation for others. He is courteous and gets along well with others. Lucas has offered to share with his classmates, offered his seat, and special prayer for anyone. Way to Go, Lucas!

Fifth Grade: Alexis Eubanks
Alexis is a very gentle, kind person. She has such a sweet spirit. She is good natured, gets along with everyone and always speaks kindly to others.

Sixth Grade: Ally Peay-Matchem
Ally is very kind to her classmates and to her teachers. She shares her lunch with others. She shares her Netflix account with Mrs. Phelps. She has a positive attitude towards learning.

Seventh Grade: Lauren Bacchus, Bella Driggers, Jenae Mason, Samuel Phelps
We are all “Kind-Hearted”. We treat each other with respect. We help each other with assignments and are kind to all we serve.

Eighth Grade: Destiny Webster
Destiny is always kind, willing to help and ready to be friendly and considerate.