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April Character Awards

“Bee Kind” Awards

Let your gentleness be known to all men. The Lord is at hand. Philippians 4:5

Kindergarten: Nic Thornton
Nic has a very sweet and gentle spirit about him.  He is kind and gentle in the way he approaches his friendships. He is also kind and polite when he addresses his teachers and other adults.


First Grade: Paityn Johnson
Paityn is a joy to have in class. She takes care of her friends and includes everyone when she is playing. She has a compassionate and tender heart. She uses her artistic talent to show others how much she cares for them.


Second Grade: Kaliah Henry
Kaliah has a gentle nature and always plays kindly with her friends.  She never raises her voice and is polite to her teachers and classmates. Kaliah sets a positive example to our classroom community.


Third Grade: Skyler Pelletier
Skyler is gentle not only in her actions but also in her speech. She tries to be kind and respectful to all her teachers and classmates.

Fourth Grade: Camryn Alston
Camryn is kind, gentle and loving. She shows great respect and appreciation for others. She is polite and courteous and gets along well with others. Camryn puts others first and has a prayerful spirit. Way to Go, Camryn!

Fifth Grade: Jana Arledge, Trey Duncan, Aiden Hollingsworth, Reecy Lynch, Ayanna Mitchell, Ally Peay-Matchem, Andrew Rimmer, Kennedy Robinson
This class has a very gentle spirit. They love doing for others. They care about others by sending cards, making blankets and giving gifts. They love to show love to the little ones with hugs. They are very considerate of others. They ask for updates on ones we are praying for. Great Job 5th Grade!

Sixth Grade: Jenae Mason
Gentle is synonymous with kind. I have seen Jenae showing kindness to the kindergarten class during Valentine’s Day and during our Reading Buddy project. She has a heart for younger kids at Gorman. Gentle also means soft and polite. Jenae has been polite and well-mannered in my classroom. She shows kindness to her teacher by helping out after school. She shows kindness to her classmates by sharing her lunch. During testing, when the room was cold, she shared her extra sweater.

Seventh Grade: Justin Moore
Justin shows gentleness to his classmates by his tone of voice and not using harsh words. By acting gently, he gains the trust of his classmates.

Eighth Grade: Gavin Stewart and Henry Ung
Gavin and Henry both have a gentle spirit that brings peace and harmony to the class.