Our Four-Year Olds

To be enrolled in our K4 preschool program the child must be 4 years old on or before October 16th of the current school year. Our K4 classrooms are limited to no more than 20 students.

Our K4 class promotes Kindergarten readiness. Our goal is to expose the children to what they will learn in Kindergarten so that when they attend Kindergarten, they can work to master those skills. Our K4 students are encouraged to discover literacy and writing, alphabet recognition and phonemic awareness using age appropriate academic curriculum. Thematic learning units  provide time for art activities utilizing different media which encourages the growth of gross and fine motor muscles.  These thematic units are also taught through planned learning centers where children are learning through their natural ability to play.  The students develop self-help and socialization skills, decision making abilities and become confident learners.  Our K4 students continue growing their awareness of God and are encourage to ask questions and explore a relationship with Him.