Our Three Year Olds

K-3 Class

To be enrolled in our K3 preschool program the child must be 2 years 6 months old on or before October 16th of the current school year and be working towards being potty trained. Our K3 classrooms are limited to no more than 15 students.

The three year old child blossoms and grows in our program.  Our K3 students are exposed to age-appropriate curriculum which promotes and establishes an early literacy based foundation.  We continue to use our thematic units for the development of basic skills including cognitive, fine motor, gross motor, speech, adaptive skills and socialization. Students also work specifically on writing their first name, letter recognition and numbers 1 – 20. By respecting each child as a unique, contributing, loving human being combined with an emphasis on God’s presence in their lives and in the world around them,  we will help establish the positive sense of value and self-worth that can sustain him or her for years to come.