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  • “Bee Kind” Awards

    If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men.
    Romans 12:18


    Kindergarten: Christopher Kapral
    Christopher is the peacemaker in Kindergarten! He always tries to make sure his classmates are getting along. If there is an argument, he is trying to find a solution. He also tries to keep things peaceful for his teacher.


    First Grade: Matthew Murray
    Matthew always has a positive attitude. He gets along well with everyone and always brings harmony into a group. He never argues and is polite to students and staff.


    Second Grade: Ceciliah Evans
    Ceciliah has excellent leadership skills. Her groups always work well together. She brings calmness to the class and is friends with everyone. She never gets frustrated or angry but instead chooses patience and kindness in all situations.

    Third Grade: Skyler Pelletier
    Skyler has a peaceful attitude in all she does. She tries to avoid conflict and gets along with everyone. She is quiet and tries to keep peace in the classroom.

    Fourth Grade: Peyton Moles
    Peyton is gentle and kind. She is warm, loving and always willing to pray for others and to include her classmates in activities. Peyton has wonderful manners and is sincere in her words and actions. Way to go, Peyton!

    Fifth Grade: Jana Arledge
    Jana has a very easy going spirit. She tries to stop conflict or she just goes with the flow. She tries to be helpful in  solving problems or conflicts.

    Sixth Grade: Lauren Bacchus
    Lauren has a peaceful and quiet spirit. She works independently and she does not start conflict with her classmates. She is a peacemaker.

    Seventh Grade: Mar’Quasha Maxwell
    Mar’Quasha exhibits a pure heart around her classmates at school. She has a gentle spirit. She is open to learn more and seeks out help when needed. She is willing to go the extra mile. She strives to be more like Christ each and every day.

    Eighth Grade: Jenelle Mason and Simone McNeil
    Jenelle and Simone are the voice of reason and are not afraid to step up to help mediate a situation. Both want their class to be at peace.

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  • OPEN TOUR DAY is Scheduled for any day in the month of April!  Parents can visit between 8:00am-5:30pm and tour the school and meet the teachers! Everyone is invited to come and see firsthand the activities that are going on in the classrooms.  We will be giving tours between 8:00 am and 5:30 pm.  Come at a time that is convienent for you.  We look forward to seeing you at Gorman Christian Academy!

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    First Grade:
    A Honor Roll: Justin Alston, McKayla Hall, Matthew Murray
    A/B Honor Roll: Reese Davis, Eumir Enoch,Caroline Glenn, Paityn Johnson, Charlie Sindermann

    Second Grade:
    A Honor Roll: Ceciliah Evans, Kaliah Henry, Ally Stewart
    A/B Honor Roll: Aaron Stiles

    Third Grade:
    A Honor Roll: Gary Kapral
    A/B Honor Roll: Brooke Clemons, Khyler Dickens, Lucas Driggers, Jeneen Mason, Skyler Pelletier, Carlee Rimmer

    Fourth Grade:
    A Honor Roll: Camryn Alston, Jewel Cox, Joshua Murphy
    A/B Honor Roll: Alexis Eubanks, Peyton Moles

    Fifth Grade:
    A Honor Roll:  Ally Peay-Matchem, Kennedy Robinson
    A/B Honor Roll: Jana Arldege, Aiden Hollingsworth, Reecy Lynch, Andrew Rimmer

    Sixth Grade:
    A/B Honor Roll: Lauren Bacchus, Bella Driggers, Samuel Phelps, Savannah Rowland, Maycee Thompson

    Seventh Grade:
    A Honor Roll: 
    Destiny Webster
    A/B Honor Roll: Caleb Hawkins

    Eighth Grade:
    A Honor Roll: Jenelle Mason
    A/B Honor Roll: Kelis Bobbitt, Simone McNeil, Kaleigh Rubio, Henry Ung


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  • Duke TIP Program

    We are happy to announce that Gorman Christian Academy has notified 14 of our 4th-6th grade students that they qualified to apply for the Duke Talent Identification Program (TIP)!  These students have excelled on their TerraNova Achievement Test and scored a 95% or above in one or more areas of Reading, Language and/or Mathematics.  Several students scored in the 99 percentile!  We are also happy to announce that two seventh graders qualified as well with a 96 percentile in Language.  Congratulations to all of these exceptional students!

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News and Headlines

  • February Character Awards

    Congratulations to our kindergarten through eighth grade students who received the Award for Encourager!

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  • March Character Awards

    Congratulations to kindergarten through eighth grade students who received the Award for Peacemaker!

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  • Duke TIP

    Congratulations to the GCA students who have been selected for the Duke Talent Identification Program (TIP)! Duke TIP is a program that allows gifted students with a variety of programs and benefits. Each of the GCA students has scored at or above the 95th percentile on a grade-level standardized test last year. We are very proud of these students as they begin to prepare for high school and college work.

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